How to get loan without Interest

Does it sound too good to be true? Well that is understandable based on the usual experience with commercial banks. Though all banks are suppose to give loans as directed by CBN at reasonable interest rates but not all customers are eligible.

In this post, I'll show you just way you can get interest of up to #100, 000:00 without paying an interest.

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The bank in focus here is Kuda Microfinance Bank. It is headquartered in. Lagos and offers variety of beautiful financial services. 

Kuda MFB offers free overdraft to all it's customers. The amount of money individual is eligible for is based on his financial activities. So for someone that operates well with the bank can get a considerate amount of money up to #150,000 as I've personally seen.

The conditions are when an amount of money is made available to you, you can make use of the money and return it before the day runs out i.e. before 12 midnight. For example, if #100,000 is given to you as overdraft and you withdraw it, make use of it and deposit the sum back into your kuda MFB account. You can continue on daily basis. If you do this, you won't pay a dime as interest inasmuch as you make the payment same day.

If you are unable to balance the account that day , a small commission as interest is charged on the account.

To open  a Kuda Microfinance Bank account. Click here. Or go to play store on Android or app store on Apple devices, search for Kuda Microfinance Bank.

After download, make sure and join with this code: VXE3ELK5.

Enter all necessary details such as names, BVN, id card ands utility bill. All these will be snapped and uploaded.

Another beautiful feature is the request for ATM card that is delivered to you in your address of choice.

You will get an account number and can start using your account.

Make sure you use it frequently as this increases your chance of good amount of overdraft.

Kindly comment below if you have any other financial institution that offers similar services.


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