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Apps that consume most data

Simply put, the apps that consume data the most are apps mostly used but less regarded. Many of us use apps that load images, videos, real time updates. These apps are naturally designed to consume data so they can work seamlessly. The need for data is very important for users to have good experience. For a lot of people, applications that are mostly used are  Whatsapp Facebook,  Instagram,  Netflix,  Snapchat,  Spotify,  Twitter  YouTube.  Get regular information and business gist on WhatsApp. Join Now If you use any of these apps daily, change these settings to reduce how much data they use. Activities that consume data Streaming audio or video, either on the web or through an app. Downloading large files like music or videos. Loading image-heavy websites. Video calling. Online games Running speed tests. Indirect data usage like automatic cloud backups, playstore software updates, syncing and location services, and more. Watch out for these activities and how to control its activitie

Shoprite to sell Nigerian Business to Property Company, Persianas - Report

A Nigerian property company will be taking over Shoprite’s local business in Nigeria, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing multiple sources. Persianas is buying Shoprite’s Nigerian business after the South African retailer decided to retreat from other African markets. Get regular information and business gist on WhatsApp. Join Now Persianas Group Nigeria are the real estate investment partner of choice for commercial and residential real estate development and management in Nigeria. Read: Why you should invest in Real Estate. Shoprite, with more than 2,300 stores across Africa, is awaiting regulatory approval on the sale of its Nigerian supermarket operation, though no further details about the deal have been disclosed. The company in August 2020 announced that it will be exiting the Nigerian market after over 15 years. Shoprite said that its business in Nigeria operated under Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited “may be classified as a discontinued operation.” The company said it has