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What to do if your ATM card/phone is lost or stolen

The lose of a phone or an ATM card can be utterly frustrating especially if it happens on a weekend when the bank is closed. Information is power so we present this to you on a golden platter. The information presented in this article enlightens you on what to do if your card or phone is stolen. The solutions can either be carried out on another person's phone or the bank application attached to the account. Now let's dive into details... HOW TO BLOCK FIRST BANK ATM CARD WITH CODE Yes, it’s very simple to block your First Bank ATM card which is known as Verve (Interswitch) without going to the Bank and filling all this annoying form and others. To Block your First Bank ATM card is simple. Pick up your phone and make sure the SIM you registered with First Bank is the one on the phone and send “BLOCK” to 30012. Within 24 hours your ATM card will be blocked and you can’t withdraw or make payment with it again. Now you need to visit any First Bank branch and apply for a new A

COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility

The Federal Government of Nigeria has opened it portal to assist millions of Nigerians. This program is to alleviate the effect of COVID-19 on the citizens.  The loan scheme is to help household as well as Small and medium enterprises. All is expected to fill the form, submit and expect response from the government. Without further ado, Click Here to register for COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility for Household. This section is for families. This can be filled by anyone in the family with the right information. The second one is for Small and Medium Scale businesses. Click Here to register. Try as much as possible to fill in the correct and verifiable information.  For enquiries and questions, click here to send a private message.

Why you should invest in Adron Homes

Owning a house can be a terrible problem especially in a society where when you have a house of your own, your problem is more than half solved. A house of your own can bring relief to you and your family members more so if you have the apartment among elites and creme de la creme of the society. Get regular information and business gist on WhatsApp. Join Now But buying a piece of land to building, security, landscaping and proper management can be problematic if not properly guided by certified managers. Many Estate management companies have erupted in the past decade with partial or no accreditation. Adron Homes is the foremost Estate Manager in the country with registered landed properties in the Country. With proper accreditation and certifications from the government and recognition from local chiefs and special recognition from the Ooni of Ife solidifies the impression that Adron Homes is a company to associate with.  They sell lands and houses. Free inspection is also offered on

How to Invest in Ovest and earn 20-25%/month

 To invest is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future. This simple definition has been misunderstood by many as ponzi, get rich quick schemes or pyramid. These schemes are not investments as they have only succeeded in ripping people off their hard-earned money. Many have  fallen for such schemes because they can't differentiate between fake and real investment plans. An investment platform should have solid reputation, physical and recognized structure as an office what they invest in should be made known to the public. Among many of such investment companies is Ovest. Why Choose Ovest? OVest is a registered and growing investment platform managed by a team of experienced and competent professionals in the finance and investment industry with impressive interest rates. OVest is secure, trusted and efficient. Where does Ovest invest your money? At OVest, investment is done in the following businesses:  Forex Trading (Manned by professional Forex Traders w

4 Excellent Ways To Start Investing With Little Money

I’m here to tell you this: You don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall Street to start investing. It’s okay if you’re more of a mouse of Main Street. Even if you only have a few dollars to spare, your money will grow with compound interest. Once you have a little money to play with, you can start to invest. With a robo-advisor or savings account, you can make your money work while you play. With a stock trading app, you can play with a little money and learn valuable investing lessons at the same time.  Just like Halloween costumes, investing comes in many different forms. It shouldn’t be a scary word. With so many different options, investing for beginners is simpler and more straightforward than ever before. 1. Try the cookie jar approach 2. Start investing in the stock market with little money 3. Dip your toe in the real estate market 4. Enroll in your employer’s retirement plan Try Cookie Jar(kolo) Approach Saving money and investing it are closely connected. In order to invest money, yo